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“BAROSH” company is based on the success of a large agricultural holding. It was founded in 2018, and immediately established itself as a reliable partner for its clients, both for agricultural farms and for companies-providers of services and products in this field.

The main area of "BAROSH" is the delivery of a high-quality products which are necessary for the efficient agricultural production. "BAROSH" is a distributor and supplier of plant protection products, mineral fertilizers, microelements of foliar nutrition, high-quality sowing materials from leading world and Ukrainian producers. This includes field, vegetable, and melon crops, etc.

"BAROSH" is a cohesive team of high-class professionals who are ready to provide high quality service and piece of advice at any time. We deal with innovative technologies and a wide range of products that meet the modern requirements of agricultural farms in Ukraine.

The “BAROSH” company works across all the territory of Ukraine offering high-quality goods from known foreign and Ukrainian producers. Nowadays, in existing climatic conditions of crops growing, timely and high-quality plant protection with the joint use of effective pesticides and fertilizers is of particular importance.

“BAROSH” is always: 

By founding our online store, we try to get closer to our direct customer-agrarian. We are here to help you make an informed choice in the shortest possible time. This will save your time and money.

While executing orders, we assume not only the cost of delivery but also full responsibility for the quality, safety and integrity of the goods sold. We work with exclusively reliable carriers.

In our online store you can quickly and efficiently select the product you need, order it, and get it quickly. Our managers will call you, provide the necessary assistance and information of your choice, will give you qualified piece of advice on your first request.

Our online shop offers products for large agricultural enterprises and farms as well as goods that are commonly used in the garden work by individuals.

By purchasing the product in our online store, you will experience all the benefits of our service, and will be able to effectively solve issues and problems related to the control of animal pests, insect pests, plant diseases, weeds, etc. We will be glad to help you in protection of your HARVEST!


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